We do.

Our Mission

Develop, coordinate and provide services that improve the quality of life of the elderly, widows, orphans, and people with disability.

Our Vision

To touch lives and redefine hope.

Core Values

Guiding the OAOE foundation are six core values COMPASSION, INTERGRITY, EXCELLENCE, STEWARDSHIP, COLLABORATION, and DIVERSITY that served as basis of who we are, what we do, and how we do it.


…enhancing the quality of life at population served through a passionate commitment to service.


…respecting the population served and maintaining transparency in our charitable mission.


…engaging in partnership with other entities for the benefit of those we serve.


…challenging ourselves with the highest level at standard and performance by bringing together energetic individuals to make a lasting impact.


…minimizing the funds and resources entrusted to us.


…embracing differences and valuing the uniqueness of the individuals we humbly serve.

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