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Frequently Asked


How can an individual be enrolled into the Adult Centre?

Admission into the Old People House is directed through the Lagos State Government. We welcome and accommodate all classes of marginalized and vulnerable aged regardless of their ethnicity, religion, and gender without a fee. We are delighted at the chance to see smiles on the faces of the incredible people we’ve been privileged to work with.

What is the cost of Admission into the Adult Care Centre?

The enrolment into the Adult Care Centre will be free. Our long-term plan is to build a thriving business to sustain and fund the foundation.

Can any elderly Individual be placed in the Adult Care Centre?

We are open to providing a nurturing and wholesome environment without bias. However, our admission process must adhere to strict policies and guidelines stipulated by the Lagos State Government. This helps protect the elderly from abuse, neglect, and exploitation. The placement in our Adult Care Centre is overseen by the government.

How can I support OAOE Foundation?

The foundation thrives on the generosity of individuals and organizations. Because we care for a diverse population, there is a continuous need for resources, Financial and non-momentary donations are welcomed.

Does OAOE Foundation support only Orphanages and Motherless homes?

Although we have a partnership with the Janet Memorial Foundation, an Orphanage and Motherless home, we also extend out charitable deeds to local individuals and communities.

What sorts of resources are offered to the Widows?

OAOE Foundation believes that maintaining an emotional and psychological balance is an integral aspect of a healthy transition for widows. A safe haven is provided for widows to make connections and share their deepest feelings and thoughts. We also empower widows in need of skill acquisition and development.

What sorts of resources are offered to people with disability?

OAOE Foundation supports people with disability by creating a network to make connections and empower individual to rise above social stigma. The foundation provides personal development workshops where skill acquisition, development, and emotional support are offered.

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