The Past

In the last decades, there has been numerous outreach activities and engagement.

  • Several elderly from religious organizations and Adult Care Centre, Yaba are beneficiaries of financial aid.
  • A philanthropic visit to the Juvenile prison in Ogun State focused on the provision of personal hygienic products.
  • Renovation of the library at the Correction Centre for Boys, Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos to create a conducive learning environment and improved access to educational resources.
  • Numerous visits, support and donations to Orphanages and Motherless homes.

The Present

  • Initiation of a program, ‘Time-out’ that provides social and recreational activities for the elderly Male and female from a diverse backgrounds benefited from wellness and education on aging related health issues
  • Partnership with the Janet Bankole Children Home and catering to the needs of the orphans and motherless.
  • Creation of a strong network for widows locally and internationally, empowering women through shared experiences to change the narrative of widowhood.
  • Promotion of a healthy emotional wellbeing through provision of support during the grieving and healing process for widows

The Future

  • Building of an Adult Care Centre (Old People’s Home) that will provide a lifelong comprehensive care for the vulnerable elderly.

We depend on volunteerism and support of community partners to achieve our mission. Also, in conjunction with QR Signature’s production and sales of product, the dual purpose of production skill acquisition / entrepreneurship and funding of the foundation will be achieved as well.

Make a Change